Positive & Negative Score Factors

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Positive and negative factors influencing Credit Scores

Score Factors

Help your customers understand their credit score

Credit information can often be complex. Whether your primary purpose is focused on comparing marketplace products, or consumer education, making it simple and informative for your customers to achieve greater credit health is your top priority. If you are an organisation a consumer has entrusted and authorised to act on their behalf to retrieve credit information, we can provide solutions to help you meet your customer credit information needs. Help your customers understand their Experian Credit score and factors that may influence their score.

Help educate your customers to understand their Experian Credit Score

The Experian Credit Score is calculated by applying a statistical algorithm that uses past events to predict future behaviour. Each credit bureau uses a unique algorithm and does not disclose in detail how a score is calculated.

There are however key attributes that are used to generate your customer’s credit score such as the type of credit provider who has made enquiries on their report, the type of product they have applied for, their repayment history, the credit limit of each of their credit products, the number of credit enquiries and any negative events.

How Experian Credit Reports & Scores help

  • Access to factors that may influence an Experian Credit Score

    <p>Access to factors that may influence an Experian Credit Score</p>
  • Instantly map these to your customer’s Experian Credit Score

    <p>Instantly map these to your customer’s Experian Credit Score</p>
  • Foster engagement with your customer

    <p>Foster engagement with your customer</p>
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