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Navigating the
COVID-19 impact

Finding your footing...

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation that has impacted us globally in many ways.

As decision makers around the world strive to combat the COVID-19 impact, we find ourselves in unchartered territory.

Experian understands the role we can play in helping businesses and consumers. We have robust business continuity plans and we are well equipped globally to ensure we can operate without disruption. That’s why over the past few weeks, we’ve had conversations with our clients and partners and how they are managing the situation and how we can help.

We are working to assist you if you need to respond systematically to the continually evolving situation, whilst ensuring your business, and therefore consumers, remain resilient.

Weather the COVID-19 storm with proven solutions

Amidst an era of information overload, you need an approach that leverages the power of data, analytics and technology to help you make the right business decisions in these challenging times.

Here are a few solutions tailored to some of your most urgent business needs. If there are other areas where you might need our support, do fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

  • Digital Hardship Management

    Digital Hardship Management

    Proactive Hardship Management using Data, Analytics and Automated Processes

  • Customer Management in Economic Downturn

    Customer Management in Economic Downturn

    Identify customer profiles & affordability to make appropriate customer level actions across the lifecycle

  • Risk Calibration & Forecasting

    Risk Calibration & Forecasting

    Actively monitor portfolio, calibrate risk and forecast performance

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We’re here to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 health crisis.

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