Improve your communication effectiveness with rapid mobile
phone validation

Check the accuracy of the mobile data you collect and hold in an instant

Mobile phone data is becoming an increasingly important part of your wider communications strategy. High open and pickup rates mean that an accurate mobile phone number is a strong method of customer communication.

Mobile validation software and services from Experian instantly validate mobile phone numbers at the point of data capture or from a list you already hold. This means you can successfully contact your customer more often when you have something important to say.

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Mobile Validation Software & Services from Experian

  • Real-time mobile validation

    Our front-end mobile validation software ensures only accurate mobile information enters your database, allowing you to keep open lines of communication with customers, improve the quality of organisational contact information, streamline data entry processes, and contact customers with a valid mobile opt-in.

    Simply integrate mobile validation into your website or web-based application using our secure API.

  • Bulk mobile list cleaning

    Need to verify the integrity of the mobile phone numbers you already hold?

    Our cleaning service makes it easy to validate your customers’ phone numbers as and when you need them or perform regular validation on an automated schedule.

    Simply upload your mobile lists to our secure FTP site, or use our API to perform a batch cleanse.

How real-time mobile validation works?

  • 1

    A person enters their mobile phone number on a web form

  • 2

    Experian’s real-time API rapidly checks the validity of the mobile number

  • 3

    Experian lets the person know if they have entered a valid number

  • 4

    It provides confirmation of syntax, existence, usage on network and whether it’s a mobile or landline

See it in action

Enter any mobile phone number to see how our phone validation works

Enter any customer email address to see how our email address validation software works

How mobile validation can help your business

  • Connect with customers
    Connect with customers

    It stands to reason that you need accurate contact information if you wish to engage with your customers. Mobile phone data is no different.

    Validating mobile phone data at the point it is collected, or regularly validating the numbers you already hold, is therefore a key pillar of your broader communications and data strategies.

  • Stop wasting time
    Stop wasting time

    Optimising processes and ensuring your customer service agents are working as efficiently as possible is critical for any business.

    Mobile validation software from Experian helps you save time and money. Improved contact success, less time finding and correcting data and better customer service are all benefits of using validation software.

  • Improve data integrity
    Improve data integrity

    Accurate data helps your organisation perform at its best. From smarter decision making to improved customer service, accurate data powers it all.

    By validating your mobile data you are protecting the integrity of your business’s data assets and ensuring you can maximise the effectiveness of your operations.

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Why validate your address data with Experian?

  • Data quality
    Data quality

    Ensure accurate data flows around your organisation

  • Experience

    Deep data heritage and mobile data expertise

  • Technology

    Rapid and secure mobile validation solution

  • Digital

    Automate processes to enable your digital-first strategy

  • Outcomes

    Contact your customers more successfully and service them better

  • Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction

    Let your customers choose the communication method they want

Mobile Validation

Key features

  • Real-time results - Checks the mobile phone number’s syntax, existence and usage on network in an instant

  • International coverage - Validate mobile phone numbers from 224 countries and territories around the world

  • Flexible deployment - Integrate into existing web forms or via a self-serve web portal or secure FTP site


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