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Get a 360 degree view of consumer credit risk

Whether you are striving to pinpoint and attract ideal customers or need to assess consumer risk and repayment capabilities, the foundation of making the best credit decisions rests on utilising the most insightful data. 

At Experian, data is what we do. We are committed to providing the most innovative analytics platforms to give our clients a 360-degree view of every one of their customers now, and into the future.

Our Most Powerful Bureau Score

Our most powerful and predictive bureau score uses the latest knowledge we hold on over 18 million individuals and leverages over 300 attributes, incorporating all comprehensive credit reporting data aggregated over a 24-month period.

The end result enables you to gain the deepest insight into not only what a customer looks like now, but to predict their financial risk ahead of time.

Built on machine learning algorithms, The bureau score is fully customisable to each organisation. The score leverages all credit demand, liabilities and repayment information available at the decisioning point, allowing you to predict likely applicant behaviour and make informed acquisition decisions.

The bureau score gives you the power to target ideal customers and easily identify and mitigate risk across the customer lifecycle, from point of application to frictionless onboarding and monitoring accounts for changes in risk; you can segment and prioritise collections accounts based on ability to repay.

Our expert team of locally based consultants bring a breadth of global analytics knowledge to the Australian market. We can tailor the bureau score to support your teams and projects.

How Bureau Score can help

  • Make the most informed lending and originations decisions

    <p>Make the most informed lending and originations decisions</p>
  • Identify the right consumers for new accounts

    <p>Identify the right consumers for new accounts</p>
  • Boost rate approvals and Return on Investment

    <p>Boost rate approvals and Return on Investment</p>
  • Improve your customer onboarding processes and reduce manual underwriting

    <p>Improve your customer onboarding processes and reduce manual underwriting</p>
  • Identify risk in your customer’s credit lifecycle

    <p>Identify risk in your customer’s credit lifecycle</p>
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