Reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation and increase deliverability
with real-time email validation

Let email fuel your digital engagement strategy

Email should be a central pillar of your digital engagement strategy and your core functions, such as Marketing, Customer Services, Sales and Operations all rely on it to power their digital interactions.

You can improve the performance of your email strategy by boosting the accuracy of your email data with email validation software and services from Experian.

Reduce bounce rates, improve deliverability and safeguard your sender reputation all at the click of a button.

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Email Validation Software & Services from Experian

  • Real-time email validation

    Verify email addresses on the fly with our real-time API.

    Our solution improves the quality of your email data by identifying mistyped email addresses as they happen and prompting customers to make the necessary corrections. It’s the ideal solution for web forms and landing pages, Ecommerce shopping carts, web applications, and call centers.

  • Bulk email list cleaning

    Not sure if your existing email list is deliverable? We can help.

    Our batch email validation solution can be run manually when you need it, or it can be run automatically within your database at set intervals. So whether you’ve just added new emails to your database or want to send to an older list, you can rest assured knowing that your message will reach your customers’ or prospects’ inboxes.

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How email validation can help your business

  • Deepen customer relationships
    Deepen customer relationships

    Email is the central method of communication with your customers and often their preferred method of getting in touch.

    Real-time and bulk email validation services from Experian ensure you have the very best email data available to power your customer communications strategy.

  • Digitise your operations
    Digitise your operations

    As your business transitions to a digital infrastructure ensuring central processes move online at pace is a necessity.

    Email validation from Experian is a digital service that reduces human errors and ensures your data is fit-for purpose.

  • Improve marketing ROI
    Improve marketing ROI

    Better quality email data means higher engagement rates with marketing prospects and customers. Higher engagement rates means increased revenue.

    By validating your emails with Experian you can improve your email accuracy, sender reputation and deliverability all at the same time.

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Why validate your email data with Experian?

  • Data quality
    Data quality

    Improve the quality of your email data and see the benefits of improved delivery

  • Experience

    Deep data heritage and email data expertise

  • Technology

    The market’s most robust email validation solution

  • Digital

    Technology delivered from a digital-first business to help you with your digital strategy

  • Outcomes

    Increase revenue and build better relationships with your customers

  • Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction

    Improve the experience for your customers with an intuitive and fast solution

Email Validation

Key features

  • Real-time results - Validate email addresses in less than 500 milliseconds. Perfect for web forms or customer portals

  • User prompts - Rapidly inform the user of changes they could make to improve results

  • Customised reporting - Receive customised validation reports with clear, actionable response codes

  • Email Identification - See which emails are Consumer emails, Vs Business Email addresses. Determine what email type reaches your CRM

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