Customer Insight

Identify and target the right customers with the right customer intelligence

Customer Insight, blends some of our most impressive solutions.

The marketer’s goal has always been to build great brands, help acquire new customers and retain existing customers so business can grow. Combined with the fact that the competition is growing and customers today are less loyal, this goal is becoming increasingly hard to reach.

Experian can enrich and enhance your first party data through our insight solutions, giving you the ability to create a common language to describe your customers.

By having a common language to describe your customers you can maximise the return on your marketing investment by understanding and finding more of your best customers. Leverage Experian’s Customer Insight solutions to pinpoint the right customers, and communicate with them in the most relevant way, with the offers that will resonate and ensure their loyalty.

How it's done


    We’ll analyse your existing customer data to uncover insights.


    Leverage our powerful consumer data through Mosaic and ConsumerView to learn more about your existing customers.


    Qualify the potential opportunities uncovered, whilst driving incremental spend from existing customers.


    Determine the optimal communication channels with customers and prospective customers that can potentially improve retention, cross sell and acquisition rates.


    Pinpoint the right customers and communicate with them in the most relevant ways, through the right channel at the right time with the right message.

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