Meet Compliance Obligations with Corrections Exchange

Manage corrections to credit information and reduce risk

Meet credit information compliance and legislation requirements

Corrections Exchange

Efficiently resolve correction disputes

Focus your business activity on your customers and reduce the need for manual and time-consuming compliance processes that also require your customers’ engagement and time.

Meet your compliance obligations faster with our industry solution for managing correction requests, Experian Corrections Exchange.

Simplify and quickly resolve your correction disputes

Experian Corrections Exchange is a widely-adopted industry solution for managing corrections to credit information. Experian developed the solution in consultation with a number of credit providers across a range of industries to help businesses comply with legislative requirements.

Corrections Exchange is designed to govern and simplify the process of managing correction requests, reduce compliance risk and increase operational efficiency for your business.

How Corrections Exchange can help

  • Streamline communication workflow within organisations

    <p>Streamline communication workflow within organisations</p>
  • Track and audit the status of cases

    <p>Track and audit the status of cases</p>
  • Access business and dispute insights reports to help optimise operations

    <p>Access business and dispute insights reports to help optimise operations</p>
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