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What are your financial goals? Perhaps it’s the security of owning your dream home, perhaps it’s taking on the challenge of running your own business. Maybe you’re looking to get a new phone contract. Whatever your definition of success, checking out your credit report is a good first step in pursuing it.

How does obtaining my Experian credit report help me?

At Experian, we’re proud to support your financial progress by helping you keep up to date with your financial status. A credit report provides one picture of your personal credit history. When you apply for credit, your lender will look at your credit report to help them assess your credit worthiness.

We believe knowledge is power, which is why you can access your Experian Credit Report any time for free.

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What is a credit report?

A credit report shows your financial behaviour. It includes things like your credit history, the credit accounts you hold and your credit score. Lenders use this information to help them decide whether to give you credit. But they’re not the only ones who can benefit. You can use your report too. Understanding your report may help you improve your credit score, which could mean you may be able to negotiate lower rates of interest.

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