Improve your debt collection strategy with Bankruptcy Wash

Identify high personal debt and past bankruptcy

Maximise debt collection

Bankruptcy Wash

Identify high risk accounts

Develop a more focused debt collection strategy to reduce costs, save time and maximise resources. As the level of personal debt in Australia is rising, it is increasingly important that as a credit provider you are working with individuals to help them reduce their levels of debt quickly and in a controlled manner. Help reduce risk and maximise your debt collection resources by leveraging our Bankruptcy Wash.

Complement your recovery efforts with our Bankruptcy Wash

Our Bankruptcy Wash service enables you to know if your customers have been declared bankrupt. It is simple - just provide us with a list of high-risk customers you want us to check. If their status has changed, we will let you know if your customer has been declared bankrupt following an application from a creditor or a personal filing for bankruptcy.

How Bankruptcy Wash can help

  • Improve the accuracy and freshness of information on your accounts

    <p>Improve the accuracy and freshness of information on your accounts</p>
  • Identify accounts that need further review

    <p>Identify accounts that need further review</p>
  • Minimise bad debts by making more better-informed decisions

    <p>Minimise bad debts by making more better-informed decisions</p>
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